Terrorising Your Students

| Learning | June 2, 2016

(My law teacher is well known in the school for being very nice and fun. We have just completed a Canadian law test and realized that the teacher used the names of people in our class for all the questions/cases. Every case involved someone in the class doing something incredibly stupid or getting horribly mangled in some way.)

Friend #1: “Oh, my god! I went skydiving and said I was 100 lbs lighter than my real weight and exploded into a pile of blood when I hit the ground.”

Me: “That’s better than what I got. I thought it would be a great idea to clean out a loaded gun with my tongue.”

Friend #2: “I beat both of you. Apparently I’m married to [Other Student] and I murdered her because she wouldn’t give me the remote.”

Friend #3: “Okay, you obviously don’t remember my question. I joined a terrorist organization as a suicide bomber and tried to blow up the lake.”

All Of Us: “Okay, you win.”

(The next day:)

Me: “Hey, Mrs. [Teacher]?”

Teacher: “What?”

Me: “That was a weird test. Why did you do that?”

Teacher: “I need to express my rage somehow and I don’t want it to affect your marks or my job.”

(Everyone thought the test and her reasons were hilarious and the whole thing made her more interesting to us.)

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