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Terrible Twos Meets The Satanic Sixes

, , , , , | Related | September 15, 2016

(I am folding shirts in the girls’ clothing department in a large retail store. A mother and her daughter, who appears to be about six years old, are shopping for an Easter dress nearby. The mother is holding up dresses for her daughter to inspect.)

Mother: *holding up a white, ruffly dress* “Ooh, this one’s nice! What do you think?”

(The daughter glances over the dress, appearing to be deep in thought. After about 30 seconds, she frowns.)

Daughter: “But Mommy, it’s too… angel-y.”

(Suddenly she narrows her eyes into menacing slits, holds her hands up, fingers splayed into claws, and growls, almost demonically:)


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