Terrible Twos Become The Talkative Threes

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(One regular family we have coming into the store has a little boy who is a cutie and actually well-behaved, except for only saying one word: “No!” No matter what we say to him, we get back, “No!” with a big grin.)

Me: “Hi, [Boy]!”

Boy: “No!”

Me: “How are you doing?”

Boy: “No!”

Me: “Having fun with your mom?”

Boy: “No!”

(Until one day, he and his mom come in. I’m alone up front, as it’s a very quiet morning. I expect the usual with, “Hello, [Boy]!”)

Boy: *in a nice, shy voice* “Hello!”

(I turn toward the boy and his mom with a shocked look on my face and clasp my chest.)

Me: “He must have turned three!”

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