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Ten Out Of Ten For Honesty

| Related | June 27, 2015

(I just turned 10 on the 4th of December. To celebrate, my mom, dad, younger sister and I decide to go to a popular amusement park.)

Conductor: “Next.”

(My family comes up.)

Mom: “Yes, we would like four tickets, please, and the discount for both of my kids.

(I look up and see that the discount only applies to those under the age of ten. I being the person I am, speak up.)

Me: “Wait, I can’t get this. I’m ten.”

( I look at my mom to see her give me the death glare. I stay silent.)

Conductor: “Is this true?”

Mom: “No, no, he turns ten in January. He just can’t wait to call himself ten.”

Me: “But…”

(Another death glare from my mom.)

Conductor: “Well, okay then. Four tickets and a discount for these two darlings.”

(The conductor smiles and waves as we leave. I feel bad.)

Dad: “I saw your mom give you the death glare.”

Me: “She was like another person back there.”

Dad: “No, no, she was always like that.”

Me: “Then why did you marry her?”

Dad: “If I didn’t she would have killed me!”

(Suddenly Sister appears)

Sister: “I am telling.”

Me & Dad: “NOOOOOOO!”

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