Ten Cents Can Make Your Day

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I’m a cashier at a local grocery store. A customer walks up to me with just a few items.

Customer: *Counting money* “Shoot, I’m ten cents short.”

Someone just told me to keep the change less than two minutes ago, so I’m feeling generous.

Me: “No worries, sir; it’s taken care of.”

Customer: “Thank you so much! I won’t forget! I’ll pay you back, trust me. I’m not poor!”

I almost immediately forget about it after he leaves; after all, ten cents is no big deal. A few days later, I get the same customer at my register, but I don’t immediately recognise him. Then, just as he’s about to pay:

Customer: “Don’t forget to add an extra ten cents! I told you I’d come back!”

He happily paid the extra ten cents and I felt a little bit better about humanity.

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