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Temperamental About The Parental

| Learning | June 25, 2015

(I am in fourth grade. I have a terrible teacher who does many things that are uncalled for; the following is one of them. Every time we have a spelling test we are required to study with our parents or we have to stay in at recess with our heads down. It didn’t matter what grade we get on it.)

Teacher: “[Student #1], did you study with your parents last night for the test?”

Student #1: “Yup”

Teacher: “[Student #2]?”

Student #2: “No…”

Teacher: “You’ll be in last recess. [My Name]?”

Me: “No, but I got an ‘A’ on it!”

Teacher: “Doesn’t matter, you’ll be in at last recess, too.”

(My parents complained to the administrator, stating that it taught us all to lie. The teacher was actually fired for something else later that year.)

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