Tem-Parental Paradox

, , , | Related | April 2, 2013

(I have just entered New Year’s Day a few hours before my parents, who live in a different time-zone. I text my mom.)

Me: “I’m in 2013 now. We have flying cars.”

Mom: “I thought those were in 2015; remember Back to the Future?”

Me: “The 2015 scenes in Back to the Future 2 took place in October. There’s no way they could establish that much infrastructure in time.”

Mom: “Being old, I’m going to bed now. It’s good enough that it’s midnight in NYC.”

(Twelve hours later…)

Mom: “Happy New Year! Doing anything fun?”

Me: “Flying around in my new flying car.”

Mom: “Fly out to Montana. I’ll fix up a nice dinner for you.”

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