Telling You Gare De l’Ess

| Working | September 10, 2015

(We are looking at a few days in Paris. Not knowing much about the place, I spend a few minutes the day before flicking through a travel brochure.)

Me: “Hi, we are looking for two nights in Paris. Can you tell us some options, please?”

Saleswoman: *very slowly* ” Er…yeah, sure. So here is the first hotel…” *begins reading from the screen, word for word* “…then there is this hotel…” *again word for word off the website*

Me: “Okay, well, where are they?”

Saleswoman: *starts reciting the website again*

Me: “No, no, I know what it says. I read that myself. But how far is it across the river? Is that nearer the opera district?”

Saleswoman: *reading the webpage to herself* “It doesn’t say.”

Me: “Do you know anything about the areas? Can you recommend where to look?”

Saleswoman: *pointing to the 1″ by 1″ picture* “Well, that looks okay…”

(Getting nowhere fast, we gave up. I have no idea what use is someone whose sole job is to read descriptions.)

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