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Telling You Flatly

, , , , | Learning | June 1, 2018

(I live in Qatar. My crush and I are working on a group project together in geography. Somehow, our group starts talking about Yellowstone Volcano, and the predicted eruption. We are looking at a world map.)

Me: “It’s predicted to kill a lot of America. People say the clouds of ash will reach all the way to Europe.”

Crush: “Yeah, but we’ll be safe in the Middle East. Canada’s pretty screwed. You know who’s the luckiest, though? Japan. They’re all the way across the world.”

Me: “…”

Crush: “…?”

Me: “The world is round.”

(A look of realisation sweeps over his face and he struggles not to burst out laughing.)


Me: *dies of laughter*

Crush: “I was looking at the long route! I forgot the world was round!”

(It was hilarious. We were looking at a flat map, so it made sense, but we didn’t let him live it down!)

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