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Telling It To Her Straight-ened

| Related | December 13, 2016

(As soon as my teen sister gets a job, she begins spending all her money on hair products. She has naturally dark wavy hair like mine, but she spends HOURS everyday dying it, drying it, straightening it, moussing it, etc. until it’s a platinum blonde and straight. Since she has tan skin, it looks weird.)

Parents: “If you keep doing that to your hair all the time, it’s going to fall out.”

Sister: “Shut up! It won’t! It’s my hair and I’ll do whatever I like to it! You can never stop me!”

(So she keeps doing her routine everyday. Now that we’re in our 30s, she came up to me one day and threw a tangle of wet, knotted hair at my face and burst into tears.)

Sister: “It’s falling out!” *continues her crying*

Me: “Well, you don’t suppose that what our parents told you was true?”

Sister: “Never! It’s just because of my meds!” *runs off bawling her eyes out*

(My brother agreed with her but I still think our parents were right.)

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