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Tell Us You Don’t Know What A Fascist Is Without Saying It

, , , | Right | CREDIT: stabstabstabbystab | August 27, 2021

I work in a call center.

Customer: “I can’t pay by direct debit anymore. How else can I pay?”

Me: “You can either log in and pay by card every month, or if you want us to store your card details, we’ll just take it as a card transaction each month.”

Customer: “That’s just a direct debit.”

Me: “No, direct debits are a more secure method of payment because they’re protected by the direct debit guarantee. Card payments are just like when you make a purchase online and enter your card details.”

Customer: “Yes, that’s just a direct debit!”

I explain again.

Customer: “Look, it shouldn’t matter how I pay you, as long as you get paid! Are you willing to help me or not?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but there’s nothing I can do. These are the methods of payment we accept.”

Customer: “You, young lady, are a fascist!” *Hangs up*

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