Tell This Manager To (Life) Stuff It

| Canada | Working | March 20, 2013

(I am the ticket office person for a very small underground show venue. There is no backup, so I’ve had to come to work sick countless times, eat dinner while working in front of the customers, and close my box office to go to the bathroom.)

Me: “Excuse me, [manager]? My husband is graduating from university on [date]. I am telling you two months in advance so you can find someone to replace me.”

Manager: “No! It’s a Sunday and during [festival]. I need you here.”

Me: “With two months notice, isn’t it possible to find a replacement just for that one day?”

Manager: “No. It would be too expensive to hire and train someone just for one day.”

Me: “Maybe you would be training them for more than just a day. That person could be your backup in case I fall ill or have a family obligation. I’m sure a student would be more than happy to work here on-call once in a while.”

Manager: “No. You knew what the schedule was when I hired you.”

Me: “In my six months of working here, I have missed birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Easter. I said nothing, because these occasions come back every year. My husband’s graduation won’t. Same for the weddings and christenings I will have to attend in a very near future.”

Manager: “I knew I should not have hired a married 27-year-old! You people just have too much… life stuff going on! Next thing we know, you’ll be pregnant!”

(I attended my husband’s graduation anyway, and quit the job.)

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