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Tell Me How You REALLY Feel

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It’s my last day working as a cashier and the universe has been testing me. I finally snap on one customer at the end of the day.

Customer: “You’re scanning too fast and getting it all wrong! I’ve been patient, but I demand your manager. I’m going to get you fired for your incompetence!”

I nonchalantly call for the manager and remain deadpan. Apparently, this was not the reaction of panic and fear this customer was after.

Customer: “What?! You’re not even going to defend yourself?”

Me: “Ma’am. I have had a customer threaten to call the police on me because I wouldn’t take their cookie to the staff breakroom and microwave it for him. I had a customer call me a c*** because I wouldn’t let her remove her baby’s dirty diaper on my conveyer belt. I had a customer who also tried to get me fired just like you, because only having crunchy peanut butter in stock and not the smooth kind is now a fireable offense.”

Customer: “Well, I—”

Me: “And all of those were just today! Ma’am, word of advice, if you get your kicks from trying to make people miserable or scared, don’t try it on a retail worker. We’re already miserable, and nothing you can do can scare us. Have fun with my manager.”

My manager arrived, and I served the rest of the customers. She did still try to get me fired, but she was even more annoyed when she was told it was my last day anyway. I occasionally see her in the store now, as a fellow shopper. I just smile, wave, and ask if she’s gotten anyone fired lately. She doesn’t respond.

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