Telepathy Is A Dog-Gone Fact

| Related | May 8, 2012

(I’m sitting on the couch with the family dog, a five-pound Yorkshire terrier. My mom is sitting across from us in a chair. My dog is really picky about where she sits. We like to joke around that she tells us what she wants just by looking at us in a certain way. Right now, my dog is staring at me and scratching at a stack of pillows. I take one down for her.)

Mom: “She says that she liked the pillows stacked up like they were.”

(I move the pillow back. The dog still does nothing but stare at me.)

Mom: “With the quilt on top.”

(I move the quilt on top on the stack. My dog promptly jumps up on the pillows and settles down.)

Mom: “It’s kind of scary how I knew that.”

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