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(My manager answers the headset in the drive-thru and the customer requests:)

Customer: “Two apple pies.”

Manager: “It will be about seven minutes to make the pie since we have none up; is that all right?”

(Instead of answering her, he drives on ahead. We think he’s just going to leave and don’t drop any pies. As soon as I hand out my order, though, he pulls up to the window and acts as if nothing happened.)

Me: “You didn’t say anything, so we assumed you left and didn’t want to wait. Would you like to wait seven minutes?”

(He mumbled something and drove off without paying. I helped the next few people and we started taking care of our chores. Then, I noticed that the man’s car was out in the spot where we have people park when they’re waiting on their food. He stayed there for a good ten minutes before BACKING UP INTO THE DRIVE-THRU. Thankfully, before he went too far, my manager went out and asked him what he wanted. Apparently, the day before he had to wait a little while on pies and the general manager had told him that he could get them for free next time. Nowhere in the conversation did he mention that fact, or much of anything else. Fast food workers. Can’t. Read. Minds.)

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