Teeth-Grindingly Rude

, , , | Related | September 2, 2019

(My mom and I are watching TV. There’s a gag where the main character, who is quite elderly, takes her dentures out and then rolls them in her mouth, making faces.)

Mom: “Disgusting! EW! I don’t want to watch this.”

Me: “What’s so disgusting about that?”

Mom: “She is taking her teeth out! She has no teeth!”

Me: “So? Dad takes out his teeth, too. Dad has no teeth.”

Mom: “…”

(Due to poor hygiene, my dad lost his teeth at a very early age.)

Me: “So, are you saying that Dad is disgusting?”

Mom: “No! It’s because she’s old! And besides, I didn’t know your dad had no teeth when I met him. Our wedding night was a big shock!”

Me: *rolling eyes* “Okay, Mom…”

(I told him what she’d said, and he didn’t look pleased and they had a big fight over it. Couples are pretty weird sometimes.)

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