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Technology Fail Leads To Win

| Learning | March 23, 2017

(I am very forgetful, so I do not turn off the sound of my phone during classes. I can do this pretty safely as usually no one texts or calls me at all. I’m sitting in a classroom well towards the back. Note that this is a pretty large classroom, and can seat about 70 people. The teacher is giving his lecture and the class is really quiet. All of a sudden my phone receives a text message. I know the teacher does not appreciate people having their phone on during class at all, so I put on my best poker face and pretend it’s not me. Everyone starts looking around but because the phone is in the pocket of my very thick coat, which is right next to me on the bench, they do not spot it. The person next to me gives me a suspicious look but doesn’t say anything.)

Teacher: “Who was that?”


Teacher: “Hmm… Was that the projector? That thing has been doing odd things all morning…”

(The teacher gave the projector another suspicious look before resuming his lecture. I felt my face burning but I was really happy the technology at this university fails so often!)

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