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Technically, He’s Not Lying

, , , | Right | CREDIT: stormtrooper1989 | December 3, 2020

I work at a bar. The owner is an a** but he’s great to work for. He’s a super alcoholic, but he always pays for his drinks and he’s a great tipper. He is permanently banned from every other bar in town which is why he bought the bar. He has a policy that if he is drinking, he isn’t the owner, so if he gets out of hand, we can throw him out; however, we cannot ban or call the cops on him. All he does is sign the checks; he has nothing to do otherwise with the day-to-day of the bar other than drinking.

One morning, I am opening the bar; typically, the doors are unlocked an hour before we open so regulars can come in and drink. They know the bartender will be cleaning and stocking the bar and they will just deal with small wait times to get a drink or refill. The owner comes in and doesn’t want to wait for me to come out of the back, so he goes behind the bar and makes himself a drink. He then goes and sits at the bar and puts some money on one of the rubber mats.

When I come out of the back with a few cases of beer, I hear a woman going off on the owner.

Woman: “It’s horrible that you’re drinking on the job! And how dare you refuse to make me a drink?!”

Owner: *Simply* “I don’t work here.”

And he goes back to his drink.

When the woman sees me, she immediately starts complaining about him.

Woman: “I want to speak to the owner or a manager!”

Me: “I’m the only one here, so you’ll have to deal with me.”

She goes on a tirade.

Woman: “That man needs to be fired! And I demand a free drink as compensation for his rudeness and unwillingness to help me!”

Me: “That isn’t going to happen. He doesn’t work here.”

Then, she decides to take it up a notch; she says she knows the owner. Cue the typical “you’ll both be fired” rant. The owner is shaking his head laughing, which just makes the woman madder. I call her bluff.

Me: “Either shut up and order a drink or leave; I have things to do.”

She gets huffy and then demands a tab, trying to hand me a credit card.

Me: “We only accept cash, but you are welcome to go pull money out of the ATM near the bathroom.”

That doesn’t make her happy, so she decides to stomp out of the bar, saying she’ll take her business elsewhere. The owner then asks for my keys and promptly locks the door behind her.

Owner: “I’ve never met that woman, so you’re definitely not fired.”

We had a good laugh. She did come back about twenty minutes later because there wasn’t another bar open, and she got super pissed when my boss waved and went back to his drink. She banged on the door for about five minutes. He then made me a sign to put up on the glass door with the bar hours, and she got in her car and sped off. I luckily never saw her again.

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