Technically An Icon

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(This story takes place in my high school, during history class. We have just finished the topic of World War II and Adolf Hitler. As we all enter class and sit down, our teacher is going around class, asking us one by one, who could be an “icon” of a certain thing or time. He gets to me.)

Teacher: “So, [My Name], who could be an icon?”

Me: “Adolf Hitler is an icon of the Holocaust?”

Teacher: “[My Name], that is completely inappropriate of you to say. I don’t know why you would even bring that up out of nowhere. Go to the office right now.”

Me: “But we literally just studied this—”

Teacher: “I don’t care. OFFICE, NOW!”

(I grab my things and head out of the history room to the office, where I am greeted by our principal.)

Principal: “Oh, [My Name], you’re here? What did you possibly do?”

Me: “[History Teacher] was asking us who an icon of a certain thing could be, and considering we just studied the topic, I said Adolf Hitler could be an icon of the Holocaust, and he sent me down here.”

Principal: “Oh. Um… Well, just stay down here for this period and you can head to your next class.”

(And that’s the story of how I got in-school-suspension for one class period because of our foolish history teacher! Spoiler: he was fired not too long after this.)

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