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Technical Support Suffering Technical Issues

| Learning | January 10, 2016

(I have been locked out of my university’s email system. Since I am communicating with classmates and teachers, and finals are fast approaching, I put a ticket in for the university’s tech support. These interactions all take place via email.)

Me: “Hello. I have been locked out of my university email. Inputting my login and password says that they are incorrect, and trying to do password recovery is giving me an error message.”

Tech Support: “Hi, could you describe the issue?”

Me: “Yes, I have provided a description in the initial email, but if you want any more information I can provide it. Refreshing does nothing and I tried on a couple computers running different browsers and operating systems.”

Tech Support: “A ticket has been submitted for your issue.”

Me: *to myself* “Wait, was this not supposed to be you fixing this issue now?”

(A few days later the issue resolves itself. I’m peeved, but think nothing of it and forget about it. A YEAR AND A HALF LATER…)

Tech Support: “Hi, we see you have submitted a ticket for an issue. Please reply with a description of the problem!”

Me: “Excuse me, but I did not request any tech support. Unless this is about the issue I requested help for over a year ago, which I did not receive support for.”

Tech Support: “Your issue has been resolved. Please fill out this form and tell us how we did today!”

Me: “How about I tell you how you did over a year ago?”

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