Technical Cosmetic Surgery

| Working | December 21, 2015

(My laptop has been overheating and shutting down when I attempt to run video games on it, but somehow passes all the diagnostics the tech support that is provided with my laptop’s warranty run. After a technician is finally sent out to replace my video card:)

Technician: “Oops! I just cracked that panel! Don’t worry, I’ll call them and have them send out a new panel and I’ll replace it for you!”

(He finishes replacing the video card, runs the diagnostic (it passes!) and I turn on a video game. Five minutes later, it’s hot enough to burn.)

Technician: “I’ll have them send you a box so you can send it to their super secret tech support depot. It’ll take five to ten days, but they’ll get to the bottom of this!”

(The paperwork to send the laptop to the depot includes a place to write down what’s wrong with the laptop.)

Me: “This laptop passes every single diagnostic the techs have run on it, but when I turn on [Popular Video Game #1] or [Popular Video Game #2], within five minutes the bottom of the laptop gets hot enough to burn, which is something that this model of laptop is not supposed to do. In fact, the metal name plate on the bottom of the laptop is scorched from the heat. Additionally, when the tech was attempting to replace the video card, he cracked this piece of plastic, and it needs to be replaced.”

(I shipped the laptop out on Friday. Wednesday, I received the laptop back. Bewildered, because that was not five to ten days of intensive testing, I opened it up. The only thing they fixed was that stupid, cosmetic piece of plastic.)

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