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Tech-Savvy But Not Hypocrisy-Savvy

, , , , , | Working | November 22, 2021

Our youngest salesman is very tech-savvy. Sadly, he uses his knowledge and connections to unscramble pay-per-view channels, et cetera. He even had “cracked” software on his company laptop at one point, which drove the IT manager nuts.

One day, he comes to the office waxing lyrical about a film that’s just now hitting the theatres. He goes on and on about this magnific, elaborate masterpiece and how it’s a litmus test for the whole movie industry in these difficult times.

Salesman: “…and so everyone is waiting to see if [Film] makes it or breaks it because, if it bombs, producers are never going to risk another big-budget sci-fi movie again.”

Me: “So, it’s big, smart, and beautiful, and even if it wasn’t, we have to go to see it in the theatres to support the Hollywood industry, right?”

Salesman: “Absolutely so.”

Me: “And you downloaded it from a pirate site?”

Salesman: “I, uh, need to go take a leak.”

And he grinned at me in a “You got me” way as he got up. What a miserable scrooge.

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