Tearing Into Them

, , , | Right | February 27, 2019

(I work in a fabric store and often come across customers who move the fabric as I go to make a cut. I measure out the fabric, holding my fingers next to the spot I am about cut, pick the scissors up, and try to make the first cut, when the customer pulls the fabric. I try again. This time she pulls the fabric out of my grip, but not before pulling my fingers into the cutting area of the scissors. Again, I stop and have to re-measure before trying again.)

Me: *as the customer pulls the fabric again* “Will you stop pulling the fabric?”

Customer: “But you are cutting it crooked.”

Me: “I haven’t even started cutting yet, and good thing, too, because this is the second time you’ve pulled my fingers into the blades of the scissors. Just leave the fabric alone.”

Customer: “Oh… I was only trying to help; you have the fabric crooked.”

Me: “Just let me do it; I know what I’m doing.”

(With that, I finally get to make that first cut, and then with my hands, I tear the fabric right across.)

Customer: “You are tearing it; it won’t be straight.”

Me: *holding the fabric up* “It always tears straight.”

Customer: “Wow. That’s impressive.”

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