Tearing Chunks Of Meat Out Of Their Argument

, , , | Right | October 23, 2018

(I am a vegetarian working at a popular cafe chain that serves soups, among other things. There’s a very scant picking for non-meat eaters, but most customers appreciate that I can help them. A college-aged couple comes up to my till.)

Girl: “Hi. We’re vegetarian. Can you tell us what we can eat?”

Me: “Oh! Of course. Well, you can have anything from the bakery section, or you can have—” *rattles off a list of options*

Boy: “Hm, okay. Well, we want a bowl of broccoli cheddar.”

Me: “Unfortunately, that soup is not vegetarian.”

(The couple exchanges looks and scoffs.)

Girl: “You’re telling me there’s meat in the broccoli cheddar?

Me: “Yes, it’s made with chicken stock.”

Boy: “Yeah, sure there is. Whatever. Give us a bowl of French onion, and don’t even try to tell us there’s meat in that.”

Me: “Sure thing.”

(The couple received their order, a soup made of caramelized onions stewed in beef broth. If you’re a vegetarian, make sure you actually research the menu before you quiz the vegetarian cashier.)

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