It’s Tearin’ Up My Heart When I’m With You

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(I’m putting my items through the self-checkout and get an alert because I’m purchasing alcohol. Once I’ve finished, I see a worker come over and expect her to verify my age, etc. However, she proceeds to pick up my bag, turn it upside down, and dump everything on the scale. I am using a reusable bag from another store.)

Worker: “We just need to put your bag through.”

(She tries to scan the bag. It is clearly from another store; this store uses a blue bag, while mine is white and green, and the text and overall aesthetic is completely different, as well. As expected, the scanner doesn’t pick it up.)

Me: “It’s from [Other Store]. It won’t work.”

Worker: *ignoring me* “Why isn’t it scanning?”

(She tries over and over, refusing to listen to me until she screams out in frustration and rips the bag in half.)

Worker: “Now look what you did! You’re going to have to get another now!”

(She tries to get one of the store’s bags when a manager intercepts her. The manager apologises to me and offers me a free replacement, despite my bag not being from their store. She also approves my alcohol purchase and lets me go. I ask for my torn bag back, as well, before I leave. The worker is screaming so loudly at the manager by this point that half the checkout has stopped moving to watch the spectacle. I leave, and a week later decide to shop at the store where I got my original reusable bag. While I’m there, I decide to get my bag replaced, as they have a lifetime free exchange offer for damaged bags.

Me: “Could I replace this, please?”

Other Worker: “Sure.” *while grabbing another bag* “It looks like someone tried to rip it open.”

Me: “Someone did.”

Other Worker: “Your kids?”

Me: “Ugh, no. Someone at [Store] thought it was one of theirs, and—”

Other Worker: “Was it a woman? Short, with curly black hair?”

(I nod.)

Other Worker: “She worked here last Christmas.”

(She handed me my new bag and started scanning my shopping. As I was leaving, I heard people at the service counter talking about the woman and laughing hysterically. Looks like she got herself a reputation.)

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