Teaching Your Kids How To Burn Effectively

, , , | Right | March 31, 2020

(I am very happy to have had a healthy pair of twins, and I am out in a mall with my aunt and them for a stroll. 

My aunt was never able to have kids of her own and suffered quite a bit from it. So, I simply declared her auntie-grandma, and she is really opening up to it, feeling a bit embarrassed once in a while, but I see it’s from just loving it, even if it’s silly.

We stop at a coffee shop and I treat her for a drink. It’s almost empty and I am the only one who’s come to the counter for quite a while, it seems. 

While my aunt sits at a table with the stroller nearby, I order, and when asked for names, I tell the barista to just call out Mama and Grandma. She smiles and goes off to make the drinks. I go to the seats and check on the little ones as the barista calls out the order.)

Barista: “A [drink] for Mama and a [other drink] for Grandma, ready for pickup!”

(My aunt realises my little surprise and smiles as she gets up to get the drinks. But before she reaches the counter, another woman grabs the Grandma cup. 

My aunt is confused and looks at me. The barista sees what happened and tells the other lady:)

Barista: “Sorry, but that’s not your drink, ma’am!”

Lady: *very smug* “Well, show me whose name is on there to prove it’s theirs.”

Barista: “These two ladies ordered these drinks; please hand the cup over.”

Lady: “Well, you said it’s for Grandma, and my daughter just announced that she is pregnant, so I figured you made me a drink to celebrate.”

Barista: “Well, congratulations, but you can’t just snatch other people’s drinks.”

(While he talks, she pointedly takes a sip, basically making it unreturnable. The barista is just silent, and my aunt is too timid to say anything, but I have had enough.) 

Me: “It does not say, ‘rude coffee-thieving b****,’ on there, so it can’t be yours. I really hope you try to be not such a s***ty example of a human being when your grandkid is born.”

(She just sulked back to her seat and the barista made my aunt a new drink. After all that, I saw in the app that the charges for the drinks on my [Coffee Shop] card had been reversed and two free beverages were added. Although I don’t think that was necessary, as a mom, I appreciate every extra coffee I can get.)

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