Teaching The Future Pop-ulation

, , , | Right | May 12, 2020

I work in a fast food chain where we give out cups for water for free but fountain drinks need to be paid for. We have had a lot of people stealing pop under the guise of getting water today so I decide to check the drink station after a woman asks for a cup of water.

Customer: *To her daughter* “Hey, what kind of pop do you want?

I wait for her to start pouring the pop into her glass.

Me: “Excuse me, that isn’t the water tap. It’s actually right here. I know you said you wanted your cup for water; you must have just been confused.”

Customer: *To her daughter* “See?! You took too long and they found out! Now you’re going to have to have a glass of water! Serves you right!”

I go back to work and my manager comes to check on us.

Manager: “Someone else stealing pop?”

Me: “She didn’t seem very guilty about taking it from us.”

I saw the woman sneak back in a few minutes later with a coffee cup from a competitor’s restaurant and fill it at the pop station. I guess some people never change.

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