Teaching Life Lessons

| WA, USA | Learning | May 12, 2016

(My science teacher is known for talking about the arguments he has with his wife.)

Teacher: “Did I ever tell you what happened over the weekend?”

(All of us shake our heads.)

Teacher: “All right, so, I was at the mall with my wife, and there was this one woman wearing a shirt advertising a band that I know of but couldn’t remember the name. As I was looking at it, my wife saw what I was staring at and assumed I was checking the woman out.”

Student: “What did she say?”

Teacher: “She yelled at me, saying that I can have an appetizer during the day, as long as I was home for dinner.”

(We all burst out laughing.)

Teacher: *smiling amusingly* “And this was before she slapped me with her purse.”

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