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Teaching Isn’t In Her Biology

| Learning | August 30, 2013

(We have a biology teacher who feels the need to inform the class that ‘a flower does not wilt because it is sad.’ It is just before the exams, as we’re going through a multiple choice practice paper.)

Teacher: “I am very disappointed over this next question because you all got it wrong! The answer was ‘B.'”

Student #1: *looking in text book* “But miss, it says here that ‘D’ is correct.”

Teacher: “That is right, ‘D’ is the right answer.”

Me: “So why have you marked us wrong if we answered ‘D?'”

Teacher: “Because you picked the wrong answer.”

Student #2: “But we didn’t! You just admitted the answer was ‘D,’ we picked ‘D’ and you marked it wrong.”

Teacher: “Well, when I taught you this subject—”

Student #3: “You didn’t teach us this subject. We never covered this subject in class. In fact, we went and asked [other bio teacher], and he gave us a tutorial in it over a lunchtime. And you’ve marked us all wrong when we weren’t.”

Teacher: “If you don’t like the way I teach, and if you’re not going to listen to me, then leave this f****** class now, and don’t come back.”

(Over half the class leaves; the rest are too scared. The teacher leaves the classroom and starts screaming at the students outside, not knowing that one has gone to fetch the headmaster, who happens to have been a science teacher. He arrives and hears her swearing at the students. We finish off the last two weeks with him as a teacher, and go into the exams feeling much more confident. I never saw that teacher again.)