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Teachers Acting Rashly

| Learning | May 26, 2015

(I am in German class, when I notice that weird red spots are starting to appear on my arms. I have felt ill since a few days prior, but now I’m really dizzy and my skin is itching pretty bad and heating up. Since I have studied along with my mum when she was becoming a nurse, I am pretty sure it’s fifth disease, so I raise my hand. The teacher is known for being extremely strict.)

Me: *after being ignored for 15 minutes of silence with my hand in the air* “Mr. [Teacher], I’m getting this rash on my arms and I’m pretty sure it’s fifth disease.”

Teacher: “I did not say it was okay for you to speak.”

Me: “Sir, I’m either having an infectious disease or a pretty bad allergic reaction. I would like to call my parents and go home.”

Teacher: “No, you can’t. Everyone’s working right now, and you should be working, too.”

Friend: “Mr. [Teacher], would you please just look at her? She’s being serious.”

(The teacher looks at me. I am already covered in a rash that looks like the spots on a leopard. It’s pretty obvious, as I am nearly completely red and my skin is normally very light.)

Teacher: “I don’t see anything wrong with her. Now shut your mouth, both of you, or I’m giving you detention.”

(After his lesson, I went to the office to let them call my parents – the typical procedure at my school. They also told me it was probably just an allergic reaction. My mother came, took me to a doctor, and it was (surprise!) fifth disease. I was pretty smug when I called the school to tell them and sent my doctor’s note. When I went back to school my teacher was ill. Guess what he had…)

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