Teacher : Idiot

| IL, USA | Learning | July 10, 2015

(I am a sophomore in high school, and this takes place in English class. We take a quiz which includes a few analogies. I get one of the analogies ‘wrong,’ but I know the answer I gave was the best answer, so I go to the teacher after class to see if I can get the point for it. This was the question:)

Question: If Baker is to Bakery, then:

  1. A) Blacksmith : Foundry
  2. B) Stoplight : Car
  3. C) Pilot : Cockpit
  4. D) Chat : Chatty

Me: “Hey, [Teacher], I have a question about this quiz.”

Teacher: “I won’t change your score. You got what you earned.”

Me: “…All right, then. I hadn’t actually even said that’s what I wanted, but okay. Here’s the thing, though: I think question 14 was badly written so that the better answer is actually Pilot : Cockpit, not Blacksmith : Foundry.”

Teacher: *in a very condescending tone* “Well, [My Name], let me ask you something. Do bakers make things?”

Me: “Yes…”

Teacher: “And do blacksmiths make things?”

Me: “Yes.”

Teacher: “What about pilots?”

Me: “No…”

Teacher: *triumphantly* “So the stronger connection, the better analogy, is between the baker and the blacksmith!”

Me: “Well, you would make a good point, except that what you say is irrelevant since blacksmiths don’t actually work in foundries. A foundry is where they smelt the ore and get the metal out of it. A blacksmith would work in a smithy.”

Teacher: “Well… maybe the question refers to the times before then, when each blacksmith had to do that for himself.”

Me: “Again, it’s a moot point. It still wouldn’t be called a foundry; a foundry is exclusively for smelting ore. A place that was used for smelting and forging both would still be called a smithy. The bottom line is, bakers work in bakeries; pilots work in cockpits; blacksmiths don’t work in foundries.”

Teacher: “Well… the book says the answer is ‘A.’ So the answer is ‘A.’ Live with it.”

(I wouldn’t really even have minded not getting the point back; since the class was so easy I was getting a comfortable A anyway. But I hate it when teachers won’t admit you have a point, especially when it doesn’t even mean admitting they were wrong. In this case, all the teacher would have had to admit was that the textbook wasn’t infallible!)

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