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Teacher Has A Boyfriend: Discuss

| Learning | February 23, 2014

(My students tend to get pretty comfortable with me since I’m very friendly and easy-going. One day after school, I’m chatting with some of them while I wait for my boyfriend to pick me up. Note that I’m only 5’2”.)

Student #1: “Oh, hey, Mr. [My Name]. Are you married?”

Me: “No, but I have been in the same relationship for several years.”

Student #2: “Ooh, with who?”

(My boyfriend, who is 6’9 and very well-built, happens to walk up behind the students right at that moment.)

Me: *points* “Him.”

(My students turn around, and one of them yelps in surprise. They turn back to me, eyes wide. I just laugh at them.)

Me: “See you guys tomorrow.”

(As my boyfriend and I are walking away, I overhear the students talking to each other.)

Student #1: “Do you think that’s really his boyfriend, or is he just messing with us?”

Student #2: “There’s no way! That guy would never fit.”

Student #3: “Yeah, he’d probably rip Mr. [My Name] in half or something.”

Students #1 & #2: “Ewwww!”

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