Teach A Man To Fish (In English)

| Related | January 29, 2014

(I am visiting my sister and brother-in-law for the summer. We’re getting ready to go on a fishing trip. My brother-in-law is Taiwanese and came to the US for his Ph.D. My sister and I are Mexican, but while I came to the US at the age of three she came to the US at the age of fourteen. Obviously I’m the one out of the three who knows the most English. As we’re inspecting the equipment:)

Brother-In-Law: “It looks like the thing is broken.”

Sister: “Do we have to go out and buy a new thing for the rod?”

Brother-In-Law: “Yeah, we don’t have a thing here.”

Me: “Do you guys mean the fishing reel?”

(There’s a beat of silence as both of them process this new word.)

Sister: “Yes, that’s it! The fishing reel. It’s great to have an American with us!”

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