Tea Two-tal

, , , | Right | August 5, 2020

Customer: “I’d like two large sweet teas.”

I put in two large sweet teas.

Customer: *After slight pause* “Never mind, I’d just like a number three with a large sweet tea and [popular dollar sandwich]. Sorry about that.”

Me: “No problem.”

I put in number three and sandwich and void one large sweet tea.

Me: “Is everything on your screen correct?”

Customer: “Are there two sweet teas?”

Me: “I’m sorry, I must have misunderstood you. Did you want a total of two large sweet teas after all?”

Customer: “No. I want a large sweet tea with the meal and one with the sandwich.”

After taking a moment to avoid correcting him:

Me: “Your total will be [total] at the first window.”

He comes to the window and the payout goes normally, though it is obvious he still seems a little off-put when he sees I am taking the next order. The next customer comes to the window, laughing.

Next Customer: “So, I heard the guy in front of me. Did he really say that, no, he didn’t want two sweet teas, and then proceed to order two sweet teas? I was thinking, ‘Are you drunk?’ I became really glad I’m just ordering a frappe.”

Me: “It’s actually not that odd for drive-thru. Thank you for letting me say something about that. You have a good day.”

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