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Taxing Times At The Tax Office

, , , | Right | May 26, 2022

I am twenty, but this is my second year working in a tax office as a receptionist overseeing the office. I am a quick learner, and most people mistake me for being twenty-four or twenty-five, probably because of the way I speak and interact with others.

I have a customer make an appointment for around 7:30 pm and he comes in at 7:00 pm. I inform him that my professional is with another customer and that I expect them to take about thirty minutes, but it could take longer.

Forty minutes later:

Customer: “I’m tired. I’ll come back some other day. I don’t get off of work until 6:30 pm.”

Professional: “Sir, I have your paperwork in the system already; I just need you to sign and we’ll be done.”

Customer: “Well, all right, then.”

Come to find he is still waiting on a form and is rejected. He goes ahead and pays and tells us he’ll come back with the form so we can finish his return.

We do give him back his paperwork since we already have it in the system, so we don’t need it for our records. 

The following day, [Customer] comes in at 5:00 pm and I realize as he speaks that he is quite drunk.

Customer: “I want my paperwork back!”

Me: “Sir, we gave you your paperwork last night.”

Customer: “No, I don’t have it. You do! Give it back!”

Professional: “Sir, we gave you the paperwork. We don’t have it. Have you checked your truck?”

Customer: “You crooks! Give me back my paperwork! You are stealing!”

Me: “Sir, my professional and I remember giving you the paperwork back. We have it in the system, so there was no need for us to keep it.”

Customer: “Who are you to call me a liar?! You don’t know anything!”

I stand from my seat and dial up my tone from, “Hi, how can I help?” to, “I’m not gonna be intimidated.”

Me: “I am the supervisor of this office, and I am telling you we don’t have your paperwork. You took it home last night. Now, as we can’t help you unless you help yourself, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.”

He sits stunned for a moment, as he was probably expecting an inappropriate reaction or getting his way with his intimidation tactic.

Customer: “I want your manager’s number! I want corporate’s number! I want to talk with someone else!”

Me: “I will have my manager contact you by tonight. Please leave.”

Customer: “I want a number or location!”

Me: “Sir, I cannot give staff contact information. My manager will call you; trust me.”

Customer: “Where is he? I’ll go to him myself.”

Me: “That’s not gonna happen for two reasons. They oversee multiple offices, so we have no idea which location he’s at. Second, I don’t need you causing a disturbance. I will have them call you.”

Customer: “How are they supposed to contact me?! Give me their number!”

Me: “I have your name and number in our records. I will give them to them.”

Customer: “Well, why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?!”

He stormed out. I gave my professional a look and we both expressed confusion.

I did give my manager [Customer]’s contact information, as well as a short summary of what happened, and they called the guy.

Come the next morning, I checked my email to see that a supervisor from another office had reached out to tell me that [Customer] went there and started yelling at them, calling them stupid, crooks, and incompetent, and claiming our office had stolen his paperwork. My manager let me know that the supervisor called him as they were startled by his hostility.

I decided I would treat myself to some ice cream after work to calm my nerves.

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