Taxing Taxiing, Part 8

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I’m a hostess working the 11:00 to 4:00 shift with two other hosts. An older guy who was sitting at the bar comes up to the front desk, already day-drunk.

Customer: “Can you call me a cab?”

He tells me his name and destination. Being someone who tends to cooperate, I quickly Google the number for a taxi and tell them our location, the guy’s name, and his destination, and they say they are on the way.

I find the guy still in the bar.

Me: “Excuse me, sir, the cab is on the way.”

I continue my work, assuming that the guy has the common sense to walk OUTSIDE and wait for his cab. I guess he thinks that I’ll go alert him when his ride arrives or something because an hour passes and the guy stomps back up all pissed off and cursing at me.

Customer: “Where’s my cab?! I’ve been waiting in here for an hour!

Me: “Sir, I did call you a cab and I apologize that there was a mistake. We’ll get the manager to call because we’re super busy.”

He keeps going on and on, yelling about how he can’t walk “more than five miles!” Then walk the ten yards outside the building so you don’t HAVE to!

I’m honestly about to say something snarky because he’s really getting on my nerves. I’m going to say, “I really don’t understand why it’s my job to wait outside for your cab!” but my coworker stops me and tells me to just go get the manager and I can go home since my shift is ending.

The managers are honestly pretty chill, and if you’re not too sassy with the customers, you won’t get in much trouble.

Me: *To my manager* “That the guy who wanted me to call him a cab is mad because I, apparently, didn’t call him a cab.”

Manager: “But you did! I heard you!”

He then went to go call him another freaking cab. I clocked out, and as I was leaving, I saw him outside wobbling around, scanning the cars in search of the cab he was yelling his location to on a cellphone.

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