Taxing Faxing, Part 13

| Working | October 19, 2013

(I work in an expensive emergency tech service firm. I am having a conversation with the IT guy for one of our clients.)

Tech: “So when is our drive going to be shipped back?”

Me: “We return the data to you once the invoice is paid. We can take credit card over the phone, or I can have the office manager email you a Paypal invoice.”

Tech: “Okay, send us a Paypal invoice and we’ll take care of it.”

(A few weeks later…)

Tech: “Hi! I was wondering if you shipped our drive back yet.”

Me: “We can’t ship it back until you pay the Paypal invoice we sent you.”

Tech: “Oh, you sent us an invoice?”

Me: “Yes, we sent a Paypal invoice to your email address two weeks ago.”

Tech: “Oh, well, I’m not sure. Can you fax us a copy?”

Me: “You want me to fax a link so you can pay online?”

Tech: “Yeah!”


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