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Taxiing Day At The Gym

, , , , | Right | April 9, 2018

(I work at a rather nice, members-only gym in Manhattan. I work the front welcome desk and while most of our members are polite, we do get some who are entitled and childish. One day, one of our members calls in from her cell phone.)

Me: “Thank you for calling! How may I assist you?”

Member: “Hello! I’m just calling because I’m in a cab right now on the way to the gym.”

(This isn’t an uncommon call; many people tell us this before asking for a schedule.)

Me: “Ah, how can I help you?”

Member: “Well, you see, I accidentally forgot my wallet in my apartment, and now I don’t have any cash or my card to pay for this cab!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, miss. There are a few banks close by. If you’re a member of those, you may be able to request cash?”

Member: “No, I’m not, which is why I’m calling you! I was hoping that you could take some money from the register and give it to me, and then just charge me for what I took.”

(This has never been requested before, so I put her on hold and ask my manager if that is something we can do. He tells me we can’t do that and to tell her no.)

Me: “Sorry, miss. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to give cash out except as change in a cash-only transaction.”

Member: “Oh, d***. Can’t you? Just this once?”

Me: “Sorry, that’s just our policy.”

(Turned away, she hangs up. I think this is the end of it until the same woman comes bursting into the gym.)

Me: “Hello, miss.”

Member: “Are you the one I spoke to on the phone?”

Me: “About the cab fare? Yes, that was me. Again, I’m sorry, but—”

Member: “Listen. The cab is right outside; I just need, like, twenty bucks, and that’s all.”

Me: “Right, but like I said, I can’t give you any cash from the register.”

Member: “Okay, but do you have money?”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Member: *huffs* “Do you have any money? I can pay you back!”

Me: “I’m… sorry, miss, but I don’t carry cash.”

Member: “Well, what about your card?! Give that to me! You have [Digital Wallet]? I’ll pay you back! I just need to pay this cab!”

Me: “Miss, I’m not going to give you my debit card so you can pay for your cab. You’ll just have to have them bring you back to your apartment to get your wallet.”

(There is a brief pause as she realizes that I’m not going to give her my bank card, no matter how many times she asks.)

Member: “Well, aren’t you just unhelpful?!”

(With that, she marched out the door, huffing.)

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