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Taxi Unfare

, , , | Right | February 2, 2020

Guest: “Hello, I’d like to check in.”

Me: “Okay.”

Guest: “Here’s this coupon.”

Me: “We don’t accept that coupon.”

Guest: “The other hotel said that you do.”

Me: “We don’t. The other hotel on [Street] five miles away does.”

Guest: *looking angry* “Well, can I have money for the taxi to take me there?”

Me: “We aren’t responsible for what another hotel says about us.”

Guest: “Yes, you are; hotels are hotels, aren’t they?! You’re all together! Anyway, just give me the money!”

(There is a line forming behind him, so I decide to be nice and give him the taxi fare. I only give him enough for the fare and that’s it.)

Guest: *counting money* “What, no tip?”

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