Taxi Unfare, Part 2

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My husband, our toddler, my brother-in-law, and I are just leaving the hospital. We call a taxi, knowing the bus ride home will be too strenuous.

The driver of the taxi is altogether unpleasant. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head as he watches us install the child’s car seat, which should have been our first clue. As we are buckling in, I take a glance at the meter and am immediately confused. It reads $4.60 and then moves to $4.80 just as we leave the parking lot. I am not completely certain that is correct but resolve to check the base fare — which is posted on the outside of the taxi — when we get home.

As soon as we pull in, I know something is wrong. He “lets” me have twenty cents off of the fare that is read on the meter and just in general looks put out. As I leave the taxi, I indeed realize that the base fare is only supposed to be $3.20. He argues with me, saying they are allowed to run the meter while we’re installing the carseat. Uncertain, I decide I’ll just call the company. 

The supervisor is no better and speaks to me with a condescending attitude. 

Supervisor: “Oh, we’ve never had a complaint about him before and he’s been with us for years.”

Supervisor: “Oh, he has the right to start the rates if you’re taking too long.”

Supervisor: “I’ll talk to him about courtesy and letting people know about the fare.”

And so on.

Still suspicious, I went ahead and checked the laws. As it turns out, they’re not allowed to even start the meter until everyone is seated in the vehicle, which we clearly were not. Their head office will be getting an irate phone call on Monday morning.

Taxi Unfare

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