Taxi It Forward

, , , , | Hopeless | August 12, 2016

(Two friends and I are getting a train to a conference in a really small town, which involves changing trains at a bigger town. We end up chatting to someone who happened to be going to the same town. She finds out the second train, which only comes once an hour, is cancelled.)

Stranger: “I’m getting a taxi. Do you all want to share? It will work out at £5-ish each.”

Us: “That would be great!”

(We get the taxi.)

Stranger: “So, what do you all do?”

Me: “We’re students at [University].”

Stranger: “Oh, I went there! It’s great, isn’t it?”

(We arrive at the destination; taxi fare is £25.)

Stranger: “Let me pay. You’re all students; you can do the same for students when you’re earning!”

(Set the weekend off to a great start, with us all feeling very happy about the kindness of a stranger!)

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