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Tasting Their Own Medicine

| Working | March 4, 2014

(I work in the hospital pharmacy. A nurse in the pre-op area calls.)

Nurse: “I need [an antibiotic] for [Patient] before he goes to surgery.”

Me: “I’ll send it right up.”

(I hang up the phone, walk five feet to the refrigerator, get the med, label it, and send it up in the pneumatic tube system. 10 minutes later, I get a call from the same nurse.)

Nurse: “Did you send the [antibiotic]?”

Me: “Yes, 10 minutes ago.”

Nurse: “Well it never got here. The surgeon is waiting! Send it again!”

Me: “Okay.”

(I reprint a label and send it in the pneumatic tube again. Another 10 minutes go by, and I get another phone call from the same nurse.)

Nurse: “Where the h*** is the [antibiotic]?! How long does it take you people?! The surgeon is waiting!”

Me: “I’ve sent it twice! There are no errors with the tube system. Are you sure it isn’t there?”

Nurse: “Yes! Now send me the d*** [antibiotic] right now!”

(I send another dose. Five minutes later…)

Nurse: “Seriously, how long are you going to take?!”

Me: “I sent a third dose as soon as I hung up! The tube station is still set to your location, A-5!”

Nurse: “A-5? We’re G-22!”

Me: “G-22? Are you at [Hospital]?”

Nurse: “Yes…”

Me: “You’re calling [Sister Hospital Across Town].”

Nurse: *click*

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