Tarping On About Their Obliviousness

, , , , | Right | September 27, 2019

Our store is currently undergoing a remodel. This has caused plenty of confusion for both employees and guests of the store. Recently, they set up temporary fitting rooms and put a big tarp up over the old ones for demolition. After the first night of putting the tarp up, the fitting rooms hadn’t been demolished quite yet, all of the fixtures in them had been removed, and there was quite a lot of dust. The temporary fitting rooms had a large sign that said, “FITTING ROOMS,” above them and it was quite obvious that the old ones were no longer in use.

That being said… within hours of the store opening after the fixtures had been taken out, I heard the sound of the tarp moving about, so I went to go check it out. A woman, carrying about thirty items of clothing, was confused and actually tried going into the old fitting rooms. I pointed out to her where the temporary ones were, and she angrily demanded to know why it wasn’t more obvious. One, every single customer has to walk by the temporary ones to get to where the old ones were. Two, the temp rooms were painted in a bright red color. Three, it’s not like there was a sign, or anything… 

This was not the only instance of someone trying to go under the tarp, and dozens of other people asked where the fitting rooms were. The observational skills of people nowadays astounds me.

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