Tangled Web

, , , | Right | October 20, 2010

(I used to work at a call center that sells PC remote control software.)

Me: “Good evening, you’re speaking with [My Name], from [Company]. Would you be interested in our software?”

(I explain what the software is about, it’s monthly fee, and what its requirements are, which is basically the Internet.)

Caller: “Yes, I’ll take one for two years.”

Me: “So you’ve got all the requirements, even the Internet?”

Caller: “I’ve got Internet. I just take the cable out of the phone and stick it in my computer, right?”

Me: “Sir, do you have some kind of modem or router?”

Caller: “No, but I’ve got my phone cable. That’s how Internet gets in, right?”

Me: “Sir, since the program is not going to work unless you have Internet, I’m not going to sell you a two-year subscription.”

Caller: “But I want it!”

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