Tandem Random

| Friendly | September 23, 2016

(My friend and I frequently have weird or completely random conversations. Here are examples of a few:)

Friend: “I don’t really need a car. I just kind of get high and mysteriously end up where I want to go.”

(Another time:)

Friend’s Mom: “Hey, [Friend], wake up. Don’t you want to see your girlfriend?”

Friend: “I don’t have a dad!”

(Another time:)

Friend: “Why is it called a building if it’s already built? Would a work-in-progress building be called a ‘built’?”

(Another time, after he talks to his girlfriend:)

Me: “Who was that?”

Friend: “A friend. Who is a girl. That I’m also f***ing.”

(Another time, when Friend is worried about using a gas stove in fear it will cause a fire :)

Me: *after putting ramen on the stove* “See, [Friend]? The house hasn’t burned down yet.”

Friend: “If there is gasoline in that pan I shall be very upset.”

(Yet another time:)

Friend: “So how have you been?”

Me: “I’ve been ‘eh.’”

Friend: “Turn that ‘eh’ around. ‘He.’”

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