Tall Order With A Fat Chance

| Working | May 27, 2017

(I have worked at a fast food joint for over a year consecutively and I’ve been trying to get more hours unsuccessfully since the beginning. I do, however, have the responsibility for the store room because being 1.90 meters I can reach the top shelves. One day my boss informs me that ‘Arbejdstilsynet’ (the government’s office for working conditions) had come by while I was off.)

Boss: “So, yeah, they told us you are not allowed to stack the boxes above shoulder height.”

Me: “But I do stack them up shoulder height and no further.”

Boss: “Yeah, but the guy from ‘Arbejdstilsynet’ still complained.”

Me: “If you get in trouble over that again, just tell them I am 1.90.”

Boss: “I did; I told them ‘the storeroom manager is two meters tall.’ Shut them up.”

Me: “Hah, great… Wait, ‘storeroom manager’? Does this mean I am getting promoted?”

Boss: “Hah! Fat chance!”

Me: “Aww…”

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