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A Tall Drink And A Taller Order

, , , , , , | Romantic | February 3, 2018

(In college, some friends and I often go to lounge-type restaurant that switches over to being a bar after 9:00 pm. They also offer free dance lessons — salsa, bachata, etc. — each month, and those nights are always packed. One evening, my friend and I, both women, take a break from dancing to get a drink. We’re waiting at the bar for our orders when a very intoxicated woman pushes between us.)

Random Woman: “Heyyyy!”

Me: “Um… hi?”

Random Woman: *slurring* “You wanna buy me a drink?”

Me: *thinking the bartender has probably cut her off and she’s trying to get around it* “I’m sorry. I think maybe you’ve had enough.”

Random Woman: “Aww! Come on!” *throws her arm tightly around my neck*

Me: *trying to pull away* “Please let go. I don’t know you.”

Random Woman: “Well, you could! We could get to know each other. We could have a lot of fun together…” *leans closer and rubs her thumb against her fingers in the “money/cost” gesture* “But only for 40 bucks!”

Me: *finally gets her arm off my neck* “Okay, you have a good night, now. Bye.”

(I grab my friend, who has both of our drinks, and we go back to our table.)

Friend: “What happened over there?”

Me: “Either that lady was just super drunk, or she was super drunk and also a hooker.”

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