Talking Turkey But Not Talking Turkish

, , , | Working | April 3, 2018

(There are four people in my office. [Coworker #1] spent more than a month in Turkey on a work assignment and has just returned. He brought a couple of flannel rags, of the kind you get in gas stations, brightly printed with company logos and advertisements in Turkish. [Coworker #2], famous for not always being in the loop, notices the rags while [Coworker #1] is out on errands.)

Coworker #2: “What’s written on these things?”

Me: “I don’t know; I don’t speak Turkish.”

Coworker #2: *looking at me like I said something funny* “Then how do you know it’s Turkish?”

Me: *unsure if he’s having me on* “Um, because that’s what they speak in Turkey. “

Coworker #2: “Why? Has anybody been to Turkey?”

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