Talking Total Bolado, Part 3

| Friendly | December 24, 2015

(For my 35th birthday, I’m going to Barcelona. My best friend is coming and she doesn’t speak Spanish, so she aspires to be conversational in Spanish by the time we get there. To this end, we only speak Spanish in the car. I’ve been bilingual for 13 years, so can help with words she doesn’t know.)

Friend: “I love you.”

Me: “Um…”

(She points to my hair tie…)

Friend: “How do you say “I like?””

Me: “Me gusta.”

Friend: “I like your…”

(She points again. I’m surprised, since it’s just a black band.)

Me: “Hair tie?”

Friend: “Yes!”

Me: “I think I have an extra.”

(She gives me a weird look.)

Me: “What did you mean to say?”

Friend: “THAT!”

(She jabs me in the head.)

Me: “Oh! You mean corners.” *I realize I’ve used the wrong word, and pull on a ringlet* “I mean curls.”

Friend: “What did I say?”

Me: “I love you. I like your hair tie.”

Friend: “Whoops.”

Me: “Don’t feel bad. I then described my hair as cornery!”


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