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Talking Shiatzu

| Friendly | March 17, 2016

(I am at the park with my dog, a maltese-shiatzu cross. I get quite a lot of comments about her because she’s extremely small and very cute. I am female.)

Lady #1: “Aww, look at your little puppy. She’s just a young thing. How old is she?

Me: “Have a guess. How old do you think she is?”

Lady #1: “Oh, she could only be a couple of months.”

Me: “Actually she’s two years old.”

Lady #1: “Oh, my god! She’s so tiny! [Lady #2] come see this tiny dog, she’s TWO!”

Lady #2: “Oh, wow! Look how tiny it is. What is it?”

Me: “Maltese-Shiatzu cross.”

Lady #2: “What a cute little boy.”

Me: “A little girl, actually.”

Lady #2: *disgusted* “It’s in blue.”

Me: “Blue is my favourite colour.”

Lady #2: *huffing* “Let’s go.”

(The lady then stormed off seemingly disgusted that I would have a blue harness on a girl dog.)

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